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Rhode Island Homeowners Insurance

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Protect Your Biggest Investment With A Rhode Island Homeowners Insurance Policy

If you're looking for Rhode Island Homeowners Insurance, you may feel overwhelmed by all the companies promising the best rates. But finding low-priced homeowners insurance doesn't have to be difficult. Here are a few tips for keeping your costs low. Contact us today for a free quote!

Rates Are Rising

Rhode Island homeowners insurance rates in general are higher than they were a few years ago. The average annual rate for homeowners insurance last year was $897 in Rhode Isand. You may not even notice your insurance rates are rising, since often a homeowner's insurance bill is wrapped up within your mortgage payment.

To lower your homeowners insurance costs, make your property safer. This not only protects your family, your belongings, and your dwelling, it can also make a difference in your homeowners insurance rates. Consider investing in a security alarm and let your insurance company know of the purchase.

Adding motion sensor floodlights around your property can help deter nighttime crime, and homeowners insurance companies know it. Be sure all doors and windows are equipped with locks to protect your property. Even though your insurance company may not directly ask about these things, it will help prevent a break-in, which will, at the very least, require a claim. And a claim will raise your rates!

Protect Against Lawsuits

Theft isn't the only concern for homeowners insurance companies. One thing those purchasing homeowners insurance RI don't realize is that your insurance also protects against lawsuits in case someone is injured on your property. By making safety upgrades like repairs to loose stairs or cracked sidewalks, you may be able to get a reduction in rates with your homeowners insurance provider.

If you own a pool, secure it with an unscalable fence. Consider erecting a fence around the property to prevent trespassing. Once you've performed all of your upgrades, contact your insurance agent to let him or her know of the changes you've made. Even a small change in your premiums can make a difference in your monthly payment.

Coverage Plans

RI homeowners insurance can provide a variety of coverages. You'll need to be sure your homeowners insurance plan protects your property against natural disasters, as well as break-ins. But besides that, you'll also need to consider property damage that can happen from inside your house, including water pipe breaks that flood your property and fires.

Is your house in a flood zone? Be warned that homeowners insurance doesn't cover damage from mass events such as floods and earthquakes. Insurance for these items will have to be purchased separately and you'll likely need to be in an approved area before you qualify. Check with your insurance agent if you feel you'll need special insurance for these types of disasters.